I hate WordPress.

I really dislike dealing with the clunky admin user interface and, given that my webhosting is terrible, working with a slow DB on the back end just makes things even worse. I actually dread going back to edit something after the fact and I have draft articles that I can’t bring myself to revisit for completion.

I shouldn’t need to fight with a web UI or being required to access a control panel to post content. It’s (mostly) just text. I should be able to do this with a text editor. My blog is also just a static website. Most of the functionality that WordPress is built for is being wasted by me and largely just leaving open a bunch of very large holes for attackers to walk through.

With that in mind, when I found Jekyll I nearly tripped over myself in an effort to get it up. It sure feels like a backward step in technology, but I’m left actually wanting to create content. It doesn’t matter how much functionality a tool has. If the user doesn’t want to use it then the tool is a failure. WordPress is a failure for me. I’ll take the step back if it means moving forward.

Does this mean anything for the blog itself? Not really. Mostly it just mitigates the possibility of my site serving up malware due to WordPress vulnerabilities.