I think it’s both necessary and important for me to change the focus of this blog. It’s been necessary for more than awhile. This site has been dedicated to writing about and around software testing. I love writing and I love software testing, but I don’t love writing about software testing.

As it stands right now, I have an entire Evernote folder full of blog post ideas, outlines, and even some articles that are 90% complete. I simply never work on them. I keep adding to the collection whenever something new comes up. I poke through them from time to time when I’m feeling ambitious. A conference or testing meetup and I get into gear again. Then I do nothing with them.

I’m not motivated to write about software testing. So, I’m going to stop.

I’m changing the focus from software testing to my personal projects. Might this potentially include software testing stuff in the future? Sure. I spend every work day with software testing. It sits over top of a huge portion of my life. If it’s relevant and I have something to say about it, software testing might popup in here from time to time, but it’s not terribly likely.