While it might be obvious that I’m back working on media projects by the long overdue resurrection of this site, it’s not obvious what I’m working on. This is that clarification.

I have an audio drama project in the works right now. It is intended to be an episodic project, producing at least six self contained short works. The will all be in or around the horror, crime, and/or sci-fi genres.

I started a little bit before Christmas and there’s still quite a bit of preparatory work I need to get through.

First and foremost, I need to put together enough scripts to pull this off. When I say at least six episodes, what I mean is that I plan to do a minimum of six episodes and that may end up being the entirety of the project. I don’t know yet. I currently have seven scripts. My goal, prior to moving too far forward is to have ten. I’d like to have options and I’d rather have the best six of ten (or more) rather than just the six I managed to put together. It’s also nice to have extra ready to go if I’d like to extend past six.

I’m also going to need to do some recruiting. Even averaging out two characters per script, I’m still looking at filling at least 12 roles. That could potentially mean up to six actors (if any scripts requires three actors of the same gender) or it could mean 12 or more actors. As of today, I have a couple people interested in helping out, but no one firmly signed on. I know I’m going to solve this, but that’s extra work that still needs to be completed.

I’ve completed some preliminary, sparse budgets. I’m looking to do this for as little money as possible. Luckily, I have the majority of the equipment I’m going to need. This will still require some rental equipment. The real question is going to be ensuring I can accurately source it and then to test it for validation of the technical planning I’ve already done.

The second part to that is that I’ve never done an audio drama before. You could argue that thing I did in seventh grade with a couple other students recording directly to cassette via onboard mic counts, but I would tell you to stop making stupid arguments. The biggest blind spots right now are the production technical challenges and the post production process. I know how I think both of these are going to go, but I have no clue until it actually happens.

I’m planning to record a single episode in advance. The idea is to try and clean some of those blind spots before I start bringing too many people into the process. Full production from start to finish. When I’m done I expect to have a representative sample of what the fully produced six episodes will sound like. That proof of concept is going to be a huge part of moving forward with the overall project.

There are bound to be problems as I move ahead. I know there will be. I’ve already experienced a couple of them. As they crop up I intend to document them here along with my thoughts, solutions, and further deepening failures.