I really, really had zero intention of getting back into filming again. When I started back up with writing projects toward the end of last year it was expected to be writing and audio. That was until a friend and collaborator, Joe Szilvagyi, emailed me about picking up a project that had fallen off the table a couple of years back, titled Bad Kitty.

It took very little convincing for me to jump back in.

That also puts me pretty deep in the weeds on preproduction. Some of this was done the last time we were talking about it, but only superficially.

Interestingly, the piece I thought would be the hardest to flesh out was actually quite simple. Joe is already on as DP / camera operator. At a minimum I also needed a sound recordist / boom operator, effects makeup, and an editor. I was happy to get all of these on board with a couple hours of sending out some emails. It clearly does get easier the more you do it.

The only person I haven’t worked on a film with previous is the effects makeup person. She plays around with makeup as a hobby and looks like she’ll bring something interesting. I’m happy we’re the shoot she’s cutting her teeth on.

There’s a lot of work to get this up and running, even with our shoot looking like it’ll probably be May. It is likely to consume a good chunk of my time. I’ll be documenting some of that work here as I go along.