The blog migration from WordPress to Jekyll continues. I’m fairly close to being done. I’ve got exactly ten entries left to port over. Once that’s done I’m going to point the domain over.

While this manual migration is a bit tiresome, I think it’s important. I find myself in a place that I haven’t been in quite some time. I find myself with the desire to write for the blog. The consistent entries that covered the first few months of this year was scheduled. It was part of my work load, not something I wanted to do.

The more lightweight format with Jekyll and my willingness to allow the content to cover more than just a single topic are equally responsible for my desire to dive back in. My hope is that, once migration is complete and I can settle in a little bit, I’ll be able to start putting together some content with a little bit of substance to it. I say this while fully acknowledging the fact that I have zero clue what to write about.