The blog migration is complete. It took a little bit longer than I’d have liked, but it’s done now and I only dropped a few articles that I wasn’t terribly interested in moving over.

Working with Jekyll has been pretty nice. It’s extremely simple and works well. I prefer to work in plain text files and it lets me do this. Having git along for version control and “publishing” just makes it that much more appealing. I’m happy to be able to write things whenever I feel like it and then just need to push the changes from the command line. It’s much better than fighting with the WordPress UI.

There wasn’t much in the way of hiccups along the way. The domain pointing was the most difficult part and that wasn’t tough by any means. I probably could have made things a little bit easier on myself. I’m sure there are tools to migrate out of WordPress. I could have manually yanked things out of the DB if not. A little parsing into markdown and generating the appropriate content. I likely could have migrated the entire thing automatically without too much work.

I’m happy to have done it manually. If nothing else, it proved that I actually wanted to move the blog and cared enough to put the work into. Next time I’ll go an automated route.