One of my occasional and least successful hobbies is creating new notebooks. It’s been a while since I’d made a notebook and I owed a co-worker one that I’d promised to make well over a year ago. While I have quite enough notebooks for myself that was sufficient reason to get me moving on a new one.

This is 160 quad ruled pages. The paper is legal, folded in half giving 8.5” x 7” pages. It’s a little wide, but my preference is to write two column. This page size works really well for me. There’s a single bookmark and the wrap is a black fabric with gold dragons.

not potato

There are some problems with it.

I changed up how I did the covers this time and it led to more work than required. The corners of the covers didn’t come out quite as well as I’d like either. Continuing on with the theme of covers, it isn’t on quite right. The back cover is a little stiff. It opens, but not perfectly.

black dragon notebook

Covers always seem to trip me up a bit. Perhaps if I did more than a couple a year I’d get better at attaching them to the book block.