One of my favourite places to hang out at Def Con was the Tamper Evident and Lock Picking Village. There were some really interesting, hands on things to do there. The most fun to be had were the lock picking tables. The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers had a bunch of tables with practice locks and picks out. I ended up in the area several times and getting a seat at a table usually meant a 30 minute wait or more. It would seem I’m not the only one that finds the hobby fascinating.

I picked up a basic picking set while I was there, fully expecting to have problems getting it back into Ontario. It never came up and I’m going to start building up a little lock picking collection.

One of the things they have available was a collection of progressively larger locks, basic cylinders with one pin up to six pins. They also had the same kit with spool pins as well. These were what they had on the tables, among other locks. I was seriously tempted to buy a pack, but didn’t want to spend all my available cash. What concerned me was not being able to pick a real lock when I got home.

I picked up a basic desk lock last night from the hardware store. It turns out I really didn’t have any reason for concern. I started fumbling around with the lock while my daughter was bathing and it opened in about 15 seconds. I reset it, pulled out my rake, and opened it in about 2 seconds.

This is another one of those areas where I just have a lot to learn. I understand the basics of it right now and I can get through a lock pretty quickly, but I’m only scratching the surface. I’m well aware of that.