One of those looming deadline projects I’ve been dealing with has been a song for a short film I was asked to do. That one hasn’t been so much procrastination as it has been a lack of time and proper tools to do it.

At heart, I’m a metal guy. Throw a guitar around my neck, saturate it in distortion, give me a blast beat and I’ll make out just fine. That’s really where the limit of my musical composition history goes.

The scene the song is for is essentially a bit of surreal musical theatre in an otherwise normal short film. In my head it was always a bit jazzy and seductive while having a cartoonish Hallowe’en quality to it. It should be pretty obvious that the lack of tools is this case is pushing out past the boundaries of metal to try and hit those notes. The toolbox (my stupid brain) has been nearly empty in this case.

Because of that lack of insight and a director who is not very musical, it took a bit of stumbling around before I really hit on something that grabbed me. At this point, I’m not sure the director will even like it, but I’m in a place that works fairly well for me. I’ve still got lead and backup vocals, a bunch of instrument tweaks, and all the mixing that goes along with it, but I’m happy with it so far.

The Devil - Instrumental Demo