I’ve been a bit absent from the blog lately, but with good reason. In the same way that the map is not the territory, the blog is not the product. I think it’s an important outlet, if for no other reason than as a project journal, but it is not the product. I always work here with that in mind.

Things have shifted somewhat in the last few weeks. The major project that I was working on essentially fizzled out when the weight seemed to shift entirely to my shoulders. I’m talking here about the Bad Kitty short film project. I had sent out some emails requesting some basic information from several people involved while I continued to work away at some of the heavy lifting on the project. After several weeks of no responses (somewhere around six weeks) I officially called it dead.

While I’ve wanted to do this shoot for a long the entire point of it was to spread out responsibility; to work on creating a crew that could move from project to project without the entire project being the product of one person. Given that it failed to meet that basic criteria I called it dead.

The other project that has essentially fallen to the wayside has been the writer’s sketchbook experiment I’ve been working on here. Not for a lack of desire or ideas, but for a want of free time to pursue it. It’s a fantastic little project, but given that it was directly contributing to anything I was working on it became increasingly difficult to dedicate time to it.

I have, of course, a number of projects filling in the gaps.

The primary one has been some soundtrack work for a filmmaker in Guelph. At its core it’s a simple track, but it’s definitely testing my ability to compose.

The scene is essentially a woman who has set up a special ring tone for her ex-boyfriend, to avoid his phone calls. The ex calls while she is with her drug dealer and the dealer breaks out into a short song over the ring tone about the devil. It’s somewhere in the realm of spooky cartoon meets jazz meets musical theatre. Given that I am a dumb metal guitarist through and through it’s pushing me to my limits.

I’ve got about 50% of the track ready to go. Once I had the vocal through line the rest of it started to collect around it. I’ve still got a lot of work and it’s pending approval of the filmmaker at the other end, but I really like what I’ve got so far. We’ll see how it goes. Part of the process will require going somewhere to record the actress singing the part for the dealer.

Should it come together I’m looking to post the final track here at some point.