With my upcoming audio drama project I wanted to set some objective and clear cut goals for what success actually means. There are nebulous ones, of course. A certain level of technical quality or acting quality. Maybe the numbers of listeners (though this says nothing about how many qualifies as successful).

I’ve never done audio drama before. This is a wide open area with endless potential for failure. With this in mind I set out my success criteria early. I made it easily measurable and absolutely objective. Most importantly, I made it reasonable to achieve.

  1. Media content has been created,
  2. in collaboration with others,
  3. and that media has been released for consumption.

It’s super simple, the parts all flow into each other, and it makes no assertions about the subjective value of the eventual product. More importantly, these are goals that contribute to my mental well being.

While writing in a bubble, I considered the absence of creation to be the only real failure.

Except that it wasn’t.

Sure, I was creating content, but I wasn’t doing anything with it. When people around me stopped caring to read my work it was because they realized I didn’t care if anyone read it. In a bubble, being in the bubble is the actual failure. I don’t aspire to making a living from my writing, but I should aspire to share what I create.

This is the natural extension to fixing that problem.