I’m abandoning the radio drama format. Not my upcoming project, just the written format for these types of things. When I started working on this I wanted to work within the confines of the medium, but I can’t do it anymore. I’m dropping the standard and switching back to the screenplay format.

The radio drama format for writing is simply not serving my needs. It’s slowing me down, if anything. Now, I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s the software I’m using. I switched to Fade In a couple years back and that’s what I’m still using. There is no built in template for audio drama. The downloaded template is solid, but not great. The workflow isn’t terribly convenient. I have to move from the keyboard to the mouse more frequently than I’d like. Then again, maybe it is just the format and I’m too familiar and comfortable with screenplay conventions.

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter. Most of the actors I will be working with will be familiar with screenplays. I will be shocked if I get anyone with experience working on audio dramas. Doubly so if any of them are comfortable enough to be thrown off by the screenplay format. I’m going to have separately marked up scripts for sound and post production work as these were never intended to be “live” productions. Given that, I found myself asking what the benefit was to using the radio/audio drama format.

As near as I can tell, there is no immediate benefit at all. It seems like it is actually a detriment. I was spending as much time worrying about the format and the shortcuts in Fade In as I was about the story I was trying to tell. It’s a convenient format to work in as it forces you to think in audio, but that restriction isn’t enough of a benefit.

I think that somewhere in the back of my wormy little brain there was the “maybe” and “someday” clause at work in conjunction with “might as well”. I “might as well” work in the proper format because “maybe” I will “someday” find myself working professionally in the medium. It would be beneficial in that circumstance to have the format under my fingers. The problem being is that it’s a medium I never intended to and am not working toward working in professionally.

That is a terrible reason to continue working in a format that is actively impeding my progress. Accordingly, I have chosen to abandon it as a broken tool and move on with what I know.