I posted the above tweet back in January for a reason. As I’ve been working through my upcoming audio drama project I’ve been putting a significant amount of time into scripting. The premise, as previously noted, has been episodic, short content. What that has meant is the need to have a collection of short scripts.

  • collect ideas
  • rough out a story structure
  • deliver a script
  • repeat ten times over in as many weeks

Narconovelas had been brought to my attention some time in the last year. Here’s a good introduction if you’re not familiar. I’d also heard about Diana, the vigilante hunter of bus drivers. While working through some ideas for scripts these two basic ideas came together. Though Diana is real, I was interested in how Mexican folklore or ghost stories might line up in an interesting way with narconovelas to create a unique story.

What happened with the above is I realized that as much as I liked the idea I really didn’t have the background to put it together. I know very little about narconovelas and even less about Mexican folklore / ghost stories. In general I know very little about Mexican culture as a whole. It’s just not something I’ve had much exposure to.

Given that, what the fuck would I be writing about?

There is no grounding, no foundation to build upon. The whole concept is just a bad idea for me. It would be a slog to work through no matter how much I liked (and still like) the general idea. It became an important point to be able to say this is a bad project (for me) and that it was time to walk away from it (for now) to focus on other projects that would be more beneficial (in this moment).

I may come back to this idea in the future, but today is not that day.