Collaboration is a big point in this project. I’ve spent a lot of time isolated on other projects, maintaining the lion’s share of the responsibility. I’m deliberately focusing on delegating out a good amount of responsibility. The downside being maintaining communication.

To that end, we’re using a shared dropbox folder. It’s a little bare currently, but I’m slowly filling it up as I go. I expect, over time, that other project members will add content as it becomes available.


The current pre-production draft is up, as well as the in progress shooting draft.


This one is an absolute slog for me. I know what I want, but my stupid fingers just won’t output what I want. It’s going to take some time for me to draw everything that I need.

Test Footage

Exactly what it sounds like. Example clip for the editor to verify they won’t have any problems with it. Hardware and lighting tests. This is another that will fill out over time.

Production Bible

This is something I’ve neglected doing in the past and it’s always bitten me in the ass. I’m using a mindmap to help organize everything. Pre-production, production, post, and release. Ideally, anyone on the project should be able to look at this document and see the details for any thing related to this project.