So… this is a thing.

I started playing with Blender a couple years back. Oddly enough, it was on this exact project and for the same reason.

Saying I am terrible at drawing is absolute truth. I can occasionally muddle out things that don’t look like disappointment realized, but it is terribly infrequent and completely lacks any sort of intention.

Here’s a fantastic example of said disappointment.

S01S01 - House - Establishing Shot

That was done in GIMP and probably took close to two hours.

Perhaps that’s sufficient, but I have a really hard time looking at that and making it line up with what is in my head. It’s even harder for me to present that to the DP working Bad Kitty and expecting he’s going to be able to translate it.

The first time I poked Blender I wandered off on a “let’s learn how to use this well” journey. Which is great, until I inevitably get bored doing something that isn’t contributing directly to the problem I’m trying to solve.

This time around I’m taking a more practical approach. I’m simply working on what I need to get the next storyboard panel done. It has, thus far, not been terribly efficient, but it hasn’t been that far beyond what it took to work it out in GIMP either.

This was my first panel done in Blender.

S01S01 - Establishing - House

It really isn’t that much different from the GIMP version. It definitely represents what I want much more accurately. The other benefit is that once it was done it took nothing for me to reposition the camera and get the next two shots.

S01S02 - CU on Door - Blood

S01S03 - CU on Open Door - Boots

This is something I’m continuing to work on and expect to crop up again in future blog posts.