I mentioned previously that this was the third Ed Video screenwriting competition I’d taken part in. The first was in 2011 and then again in 2013.

The 2011 competition had the following requirements.

theme: anything but love
element #1: obstacle to communication
element #2: 1 to 4 characters
element #3: henry rollins reference

My submission was The Short Path and Everything But (PDF). Here’s the synopsis.

A postmodern surrealist fairy tale of a young girl’s search for love. A search that takes her to Everything, the hyper exaggerated Akihabara-style shop combined with a megastore that claims to carry its namesake, and the sympathetic floor manager who can not speak plainly with her.

I love the script, but I don’t think it read very well. Some of the readers stumbled a bit and I think the very visual nature of the environment was lost along with some of the references.

2013’s criteria was the following.

8 pages maximum length
No more than four characters
No more than three speaking characters
Prop: Something that leaves a mark
Weather: 24 inches of snow
Theme: an undesired life change
Dialogue: tooth

I submitted A Plague of Worms (PDF). I didn’t actually write a synopsis for this at the time and am not going to including one here.

This script ended up netting the jury pick for best script. Oh, and one of the actors reading my script was Stephen McHattie. Awesome.