The reading for the screenwriting competition was last night. There were a total of ten screenplays submitted.

The turn out was fairly unfortunate. By the time we had started there were three other writers there with me, plus two others who had come in support. Add in the organizer and the actor, that left a collective audience of eight people for ten scripts. Another writer joined us toward the end, pushing the total up to nine.

My script, Thorium Blue, went first. It read about as well as I expected it to. It’s not a quick, clean read and I knew there would be some things that may not have been clear at a live reading. I heard a few bits and pieces that hit my ear poorly, but I’m not terribly motivated to make changes unless it filters to the top of the pile for production someday.

The rest of the scripts really surprised me. I’ve taken part in these before and, by their nature, they tend to attract writers of various skill level. I’ve sat through some things I’d have rather not. That wasn’t the case this time around. I enjoyed all the scripts at some level or another.

Due to the small group, the audience was called on to help read the scripts. I took part in reading nearly all of them. I’m not willing to call it acting, but it’s nice to be able to flex that role play a little bit. I keep telling myself I should go out for some acting roles…

The best benefit of the night was being able to chat as a small group at the end. It wasn’t a terribly long conversation, but I was able to get some of the need to talk out of my system. Overall, it leaves me wanting more time with my peers. I think the next step for me with writing is to get out from behind my desk and into public a bit more.

My script won neither the jury or the audience prize. Nor did I expect to. I am happy, regardless, with the script as a basic concept and what I put together in a weekend.