In working to learn Blender I’ve been exposed to the work of others spending more time with the program creating. Like any artistic circle, you see a lot of work posted for critique, questions for specific desired feedback, and rough sketches. It got me to wondering about what the writer’s sketchbook would look like, as I noted above. I don’t think I have it solved just yet.

In the near future I’m going to start earmarking regular time to step away from whatever I’m doing to just write. Not on any project or any given idea. Just to write. The idea being to get ideas or sketches down. My goal is to make them rough. I won’t be putting together toiled over, “finished” work. Just as much as I can within a time frame and seeing how things come together. They may be random, spur of the moment scenes or ideas I’ve been meaning to get down to page for awhile. The what is really the less important factor here.

There is an essential flaw here, in that I’m not really working in a manner that allows easy feedback or critique. I don’t think I’ve found the environment that offers it in a way that suits me. That said, I don’t think critique is absolutely necessary right now. I’m more interested in building the habit and sharing the results.

As this goes forward my intention is to post these sketches here. Turn a corner of this blog into my public sketchbook.

I don’t know how soon this will happen, but it is my intention and probably won’t wait much longer than this post before I start.